Frequently Asked Questions

Submit an order request with a link to your public tour or a file archive.  We’ll take a look and send you a quote based on our prices.  We send an invoice when complete.

Of course!  When we publish a tour for you – it’s your tour, your panoramas, and your credit! 

We send you an authentication link from to allow us to edit and publish tours in your Local Guides account.

Not right now.  This extremely popular feature was removed by Google.  We are hoping that it will return as it hurts the value proposition that was once offered by GSV.

Yes!  We are able to select which panoramas display on the image reel by removing the Place ID from all other panos in your tour. It’s weird, but it works.

It is unnecessary to convert a Matterport Tour to Google Street View as the ability to do this from Matterport’s Cloud platform is now in open BETA.  We can help you enhance your published tour once it is on Google Street View.

Yes!  And technically you can too!  We can do this for you if it’s too difficult or you pretty much don’t want to.

Not really. Google likes to show a weird slideshow of different positions on each panorama. Obviously it looked good on paper, so they went with it regardless of how silly it looks.

Yes we can add a nadir patch if you can provide a 2048 x 2048 transparent PNG image for us to use.

Yes, you can try your hand with the Google Street View App or sign up to or

A grid system where panos are shot where the connections will be 90 degree turns.  If you shoot haphazard tours, you create haphazard tours.  We LOVE Matterport as their Capture App shows a visualization of the location of each panorama — AND it captures 3D data that will be utilized in the upcoming Google Street View VR Ready program.

I’m a former Google Trusted Photographer that’s now a Local Guide like the rest of you.  I originally launched as a conversion service for Matterport Tours.  That didn’t fly with Matterport and their TOS soon prohibited it.  No big deal!  They came out with a better solution!

We rebranded and provided services to iGuide users.  That was awesome… and then they came out with a better solution!

After receiving quite a few requests for help, I realized that relaunching as a white glove assistance service would make sense.  We use for all of our services.