Are you struggling with Street view?

MP2SV offers support services for Matterport Owners who publish to Google Street View.

MP2SV Can Fix it for you.

  • We fix and refine connections.
  • We correctly add additional 360 Views
  • We fix overexposed images with mask fills.
  • We fix incorrect floor assignments.
  • Tours are posted to your Google Local Guides account
  • Accurate placement of panos on Google Maps.
  • Transferring Tours between Local Guides Accounts

Matterport GSV Users

Matterport 3D Capture produces Google Street View tours with the highest level of placement accuracy — but the connections are often a mess and on mobile, you will see a pile of arrows.  Crazy!

I’m here to help.  I simplify the connections in your published stop people from sailing from one side of your tour to the other and reduce the arrows that mobile viewers encounter.

I combined 360 views from an outdoor mall with an 3D indoor mall tour.  Inside navigation was streamlined and unwanted connections were removed.  Exterior panos were color corrected and accurately placed in a complex city block.  The resulting tour is spectacular!


When publishing Google Street View tours from Matterport, connections are determined based on ALL neighboring scans.  This creates a massive number of connections that can lead a user to fly from one side of your tour to another.  Not good.

Recently, connection problems have been even worse — connecting panos that are not even neighbors.

I fix that.  It’s $9.95/tour + $0.25/pano.  40 Panos?  $19.95.


THe trouble with 360 views

Accurate placement of 360 Views is tricky.  I connect these for you precisely using satellite imagery as well as some trial and error common sense.  Additionally, 360 Views in sunlight tend to be  overexposed.  Ouch!  I use masking to improve this (although to be honest, try shooting these at a better time of day, or with an insta360 ONE X with HDR on — it’ll look better.)

You Could Do It ToO!

I moderate tours for people because I love doing it!  It’s fun to rewalk other people’s spaces, fix problems and deliver the best tour possible.  

Using is not rocket science, but it can be tedious and take some time that you do not have.  I save you time.  If you have the time, watch this video and teach yourself to fish!

MP2SV Services

Tours will be published to your local guides account!


  • Publish new tour, not published via Matterport
  • Position all panos, separate into levels
  • Add 360 Views
  • Publishing via Matterport is preferable as their placement and posing is 100% accurate.
  • High Resolution available.

$14.95 + $0.50 / pano
40 Panos = $14.95 + (40 x $0.50) = $34.95


  • Fix connections on an existing tour
  • Fix panos placed on incorrect floors.
  • Enhance images (color / whitebalance) ($5.00)
  • Remove Shadows / Reflections ($1.00/ea)
  • Add 360 Views w/Exposure fixes and removal of shadows / reflections ($1.00/ea)

$9.95 + $0.25 / pano
40 Panos = $9.95 + (40 x $0.25) = $19.95


  • No limit on tour size.
  • Contains all panos from a CID (may be comprised of multiple constellations)
  • Supports Matterport -> GSV exports.

Offline tours can be published to your webspace or run locally on a computer running a webserver (IIS, XAMMP)

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