Are you struggling with Street view?

MP2SV offers support services for Google Street View tour creators.

Do you need some help publishing your panoramas to Google Street View?  Have you already published but need help cleaning up your tour?

Do you need help leveling uploaded panoramas, adding additional panoramas, applying a nadir patch or improving the quality of your images?

Does your tour contain too many connection arrows on mobile or have misplaced panoramas?  How about too many panoramas showing up in the image carousel?

We’ve helped many people and we can help you too!

We support tours published with Matterport to Google Street View as well as panoramas shot from any camera system!

MP2SV Can Publish for You.

  • Tours are posted to your Google Local Guides account
  • Accurate placement of panos on Google Maps.
  • We support multiple-floors
  • Transferring Tours between Local Guides Accounts

MP2SV Can Fix it for you.

  • Image enhancement – We’ll white balance, color correct and add vibrance.
  • Image optimization – Google isn’t optimizing images anymore.  We’ll optimize them for you by cleaning up noise, sharpening and keeping your file sizes to about ~1.6MB per pano.
  • Panorama levelling
  • Stitch-error correction
  • Selection of starting point panoramas
  • Removing unnecessary panoramas from the photo carousel
  • Nadir patching
  • Camera removal from mirrors
  • Shadow removal from ground
  • Face / License Plate Blurring

Check this out!  We worked with one of our clients to join two Matterport Spaces and a series of 360 Views.  We color corrected the outside panos and accurately placed them in the middle of a city block.  Then we simplified the navigation from what was published, aligned both floors, joined outside and inside views with multiple indoor/outdoor entrances, and made something amazing!


Did you use an automated publishing platform that went a bit overboard with connecting your panoramas?

We can fix it


Guess what?  Google does not optimize user generated content.

We do!  We optimize to 8192×4096 @ ~1.6MB per pano.  We use some smart sharpening and noise reduction to keep images looking GREAT and lowering load time. 

(Average size of a Matteport GSV pano is ~6MB)

Embedding is bad for SEO.

It sure is.  Search Engines measure how fast your pages load and embedding GSV does NOT help.  Use to see how much loadtime an embedded GSV Tour takes on your site!

We made a free WordPress Plugin that will help by embedding your tours as a thumbnail with click-to-start functionality.


Tours will be published to your local guides account!


Up to 10 Panos

USD $14.95

+ $1.00 extra pano
+ $5.00 Custom Nadir Patch


Includes 25 Panos

USD $24.99

+ $1.00 extra pano
+ $5.00 Custom Nadir Patch


Includes 100 Panos

USD $49.99

+ $1.00 extra pano
+ $5.00 Custom Nadir Patch


Includes 250 Panos

USD $199

+ $0.75 extra pano
+ $10.00 Custom Nadir Patch


Starts at $12.95


  • Removal of unnecessary connections
  • Fix incorrectly placed panos
  • Fix incorrect levels
  • Image optimization to ~1.6MB/image @ 8192 x 4096

$0.33 / pano
40 Panos = $12.95 + (40 x $0.33) = $26.15


  • Straighten verticals on panoramas
  • Remove stitching errors
  • Enhance images (color / whitebalance)
  • Remove shadow of tripod / photographer
  • Remove reflection of camera
  • Add a nadir patch. (optional)
Add $1.00 / pano.


  • Add panoramas to existing tour
  • Add Matterport 360 Snapshots to GSV tours published with Matterport (we’ll extract)
  • Add One-Shot Panoramas to existing tours

$1.00/ea  (stitched)
$2.00/ea (unstitched)

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