You shoot, we publish.

Need some help publishing your panoramas to Google Street View?  We can help!

Let us take away the complexity and frustration of GSV Moderation.

Since 2016, we have published over 120 custom panorama tours to Google Street View.  

We are an official iGuide partner.

Standard FEATURES:

  • White-label publishing via one-time Google Authentication
  • Receive Credits towards becoming Trusted with Google Local Guides
  • Multiple-Floor Tours
  • Custom Start locations in Google Maps
  • Allow client to revise and edit tour after completion.
  • Nadir patching
  • Camera removal from mirrors
  • Shadow removal from ground
  • Face / License Plate Blurring


  • Image enhancement (white balance, color correction and enhancement)
  • Selection of starting point panoramas
  • Thumbnail centering


Up to 20 Panos
Single Floor

USD $3.95/ea


Up to 40 Panos
Single Floor

USD $59


Up to 100 Panos
Multiple Floors

USD $149


Up to 250 Panos
Multiple Floors

USD $249


Q: What panorama formats do you support?

A: We specialize in publishing iGuide tours, DSLR Tours, Ricoh Theta S tours and practically anything that we can convert to an equirectalinear panorama.  Just ask!

Q: How does your service work?

Our service is a labor of love.  Each panorama is manually placed, positioned and linked - although we have many methods that we use to streamline the process, ensure accuracy, and work at a rapid pace.

Q: How do you publish tours under other Trusted Photographer's Accounts?

We have partnered with for ingestion of completed tours, which offers a secure way for our customers to authenticate their Google Account which allows us to have publishing rights via the GSV Publish API.

Q: Do you support the 'See-Inside' icon that I've seen on Infographics on Google?

Not right now.  Google removed this feature to the horror of every single Google Street View Trusted Photographer.  We are metaphorically burning candles and sacrificing animals every day in hopes that the feature will return.

Q: Can you control which panoramas display as start points?

Yes!  Thanks to a discovery by GoThru, we are able to select which panoramas display on Google. This allows us to publish massive tours and select ONLY the best places to start a tour.

Q: Can you control how tour thumbnails display?

Yes!  We can shift panoramas so that the thumbnails that display are focused on the right spot.

Q: Why should I use MP2SV ... can't I do all of this myself?

You can attempt to use the Google Street View App to publish tours, or sign up to and try your hand at it.  If you are shooting simple tours with a camera that has built-in GPS, it should not be too much trouble.

Sometimes, getting your hands dirty can be the best way to actualize the value in a white-glove service, and one of the cool things about partnering with is that we are able to moderate your tours and publish them under your credentials -- and set you up with editing abilities for your tour so that you can see our work and learn from it too!

Q: Can I patch my logo at the bottom of each panorama (Nadir patch)?

Yes, if you can provide a 2048 x 2048 transparent PNG image, we'll do it.

Q: My images could look better, would you enhance them a bit?

Sure, we always do.  We provide basic color correction, shadow removal and removal from mirrors within reason.

Q: What's the best way to shoot a tour for Google Street View?

A grid system where panos are shot where the connections will be 90 degree turns.  If you shoot haphazard tours, you create haphazard tours.


  • In order to have your name or business receive credit, we need a valid Google E-mail address. After publishing, we transfer credit to you!
  • Tour Information

  • For iGuide, please include the Photo Spheres ZIP link from iGuide Report.
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